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Appetizer tart, with spinach and quail eggs, at Multicooker Crock Pot Express with pressure cooking

Appetizer tart, with spinach and quail eggs, at Multicooker Crock Pot Express with pressure cooking

Prepare a tray in which to put the composition for the tart.

The tray should be smaller in diameter than the pressure cooker Multicooker Express.

We put a baking paper on the bottom of the tray.

We also prepare a strip of aluminum foil, bent 2-3 times in length, so that we can put it under the tray, but it can also reach the walls of the vessel. We will use it to remove the tray from the Crock-Pot Express when the tart is ready.

Boil quail eggs, 2 minutes from the moment they start to boil should be enough.

Put the 3 eggs in a bowl and mix them with a pinch of salt. Add the cream, mix for a few more minutes.

Incorporate the flour with a fork and then mozzarella, and finally the spinach that I washed, tossed and finely chopped.

Add pepper and salt if needed.

Put the composition in the prepared tray, place the quail eggs, sprinkle a little more mozzarella and hot pepper slices.

In the Crock Pot Express Multicooker bowl with pressure cooking, put about 200 ml of water and place the grill from the appliance.

Put the prepared aluminum foil and place the tray with the tart composition.

Place a baking paper on top of the tart so that the steam formed does not leak inside the tray.

We connect the Multicooker Crock Pot Express with pressure cooking to a power source.

Close the lid and turn it to the closed position.

We also close the pressure valve.

We set the MANUAL program, the HIGH pressure and the cooking time of 30 minutes.

Then press the START / STOP key.

While the appliance is heating up, HEAT appears on the screen, and then the time set for cooking appears after the beep.

After the cooking time has elapsed, an audible signal sounds and the appliance automatically enters KEEP WARM mode.

Press the START / STOP key.

After a few minutes we open the steam valve with the help of a kitchen utensil.

The steam is hot so it is recommended to use a kitchen glove.

Open the lid and carefully remove the tray from the inside, using the aluminum foil.

Sprinkle more mozzarella and put it in the oven to brown on top.

It can be served hot or cold according to preferences.

Good appetite!