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An American Bistro Where Brunch Comes with an Imagination

An American Bistro Where Brunch Comes with an Imagination

Sunday brunch isn’t really an original concept, especially not in New York City. Regardless, it's a meal that gets people together at the tail end of a busy weekend for some indecisive (breakfast or lunch?) eating; often, much needed drinking; and good times. So was the story of a typical double date at Lexington Brass, a new American bistro at the spanking-new Hyatt 48 Lex.

From the group that brought New Yorkers venues like the old-school steak joint Abe & Arthur’s and the newly opened seafood spot Catch, EMM remains firm in their grasp on classic American fare with Lexington Brass. They kept things a bit rustic in the décor department and chose an ideal location in East Midtown for suit-types to meet for early breakfasts and power lunches.

As it was a weekend, we decided on a relaxed, power-free meal and left the suits at home. Our foursome has a strong stance on not ordering any of the same dishes, but we had to cave in this one instance. The jelly-doughnut pancakes went to two of us, who couldn’t settle on anything else that sounded equally as enticing. A staple cheeseburger with truffle fries, a mushroom omelette, and a bakery basket to share rounded out the rest of our order, as well some bellini’s, bloody marys, and on-tap kombucha.

It turned out that the go-to items were the best choice. The burger — juicy and topped with thick sliced bacon and a mound of melted Cheddar, was a huge hit. The omelette, another easy decision —stuffed with porcini mushrooms and gruyère — was flavor-packed alongside peppered home fries. The jelly-doughnut pancakes, however, though high in inspiration were too ambitious, with a jam-overloaded center that made them soggy and far too sweet. The bakery basket scored as a starter, with enough flaky croissants, warmed cranberry muffins, and homemade jam to go around. As for the truffle fries, the rule applies — there’s really no going wrong when there’s truffle involved.

We decided, unanimously, that the minor fluke that was the jelly-doughnut pancakes was merely a result of the restaurant’s three week-old kitchen and we'll surely give them another try in due time. Otherwise, the suits can keep their weekday power-lunches and we’ll take brunch at the new-but-good-Lexington Brass.

The 12 Best Spots to Grab Weekend Brunch in Westchester

On weekends, Westchester restaurants pop the Champagne corks, pour on the syrup, and poach some eggs in anticipation of a mind-blowing brunch. From all-you-can-eat buffets and bottomless cocktails to brioche French toast and burgers, here are the baker’s dozen who do it best.

An American Bistro Where Brunch Comes with an Imagination - Recipes

Update July 16th, 2020-

Ironwood is open for outside dinning on our covered patio as well as Take-Away. Please call to make reservations. We THANK YOU for the continued support and look forward to serving you!

Chef Megan Smith

Update June 14th, 2020-

Ironwood is open for Dine-In with reservations and still offering Take-Away! We are operating with modified hours and will expand hours as demand increases. Current hours are Wednesday thru Sunday 4:30-8pm. We THANK & GREATLY APPRECIATE our communities support. You All Rock!! Please check Facebook for updates and specials. As challenging as these times are I hope you’re able to find the silver lining and light hearted laughter. Stay Strong, Healthy & Resilient.

Welcome Back, We Have Missed Serving You!

The foundation of Ironwood American Bistro is to be beneficial to the community we are in and beyond. We offer seasonal, responsibly sourced ingredients, used to create American Cuisine. America’s melting pot of various ethnicities has created some of the worlds most inspired dishes and that is where we find inspiration for our menu.

We aspire to cultivate the best of human qualities through the way we source our ingredients, welcome our guests, invest in our employees and engage in our community one meal service at a time.


Join us for happy hour, Tuesday through Thursday & Sunday from 4:30 to 6:30pm.


The first explorers of Mauritius variously labeled the Dodo: a wild turkey, a cassowary, a ‘hooded swan,’ a booby, and a ‘bastard ostrich.’ In fact, the Dodo was a large, flightless dove which primarily because of its gentile dove like qualities, became extinct in 1680. The Dodo (Raphus Cucallotus) was without doubt the largest strangest dove ever to have lived.



We are famously known for our desserts, which are made by our Pastry Chef Ramon, in The Dodo Bakery every day. We feature 12 desserts daily: Toll House Pie, Key Lime Pie, Banana Cream Cheese Pie, Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Pie, Caramel Coconut Coffee Cake, Chocolate Almond Mousse Pie, and six freshly made special desserts.

If you are inquiring about a whole dessert order for pick-up, please call with requests at least 48 hours prior.
(801) 486-2473



Thank you for considering The Dodo for your next gathering!

Due to seating capacity restrictions because of COVID, we are unable to take formal reservations for groups as space is limited at the current time. Thank you for your understanding.


Since 1981, The Dodo has served as a neighborhood gathering place with an upscale casual environment. After a few migrations we’ve settled into our permanent home in Sugarhouse with an American Bistro menu and fine selection of ales, wines, and cocktails.

Come treat yourself to our famous Smoked Turkey Sandwich with house-made BBQ sauce, deliciously fresh salads and appetizers, or any of our award-winning desserts. Pastry Chef Ramon has put The Dodo on the map with his rotating selection of mouth-watering pies, cakes, and cheesecakes… all baked in-house daily!

In the summertime, enjoy lunch, dinner or brunch on our patio with gorgeous views of neighboring Sugarhouse Park and the Wasatch Mountain Range in the distance. We also offer convenient to-go service for those that want a fabulous meal to take to the park or home to the family.

The bar area of The Dodo is anchored with an antique metal and granite bar-top imported from Paris. Enjoy a meal and a glass of wine or a pint of local draft beer while catching a game on TV or chatting with the welcoming bar staff.

Pay us a visit and see why The Dodo has been a staple of the Salt Lake experience for over 35 years.

Made some changes-cooked chicken last. Plenty of sauce. Simmered all on stove for an hour. Very good taste. Used 3 breasts and six thighs(skin off).for 3. Lunch today for leftover. Used San Marzano plum tomatoes and angel hair pasta(already cooked)

Like this a lot but made some adjustments as I have taken refined sugar and anything high in carbs out of my diet. Didn't add olives or capers and instead used fresh organic mushrooms and used Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grained pasta. Also, only used chicken breast. Not a fan of the dark meats anymore. It is excellent! Thank you!

Made half the recipe last night & we liked it a lot. I used only leg quarters because it's more suited to dark meat. I also used fire-roasted tomatoes, saved the fresh herbs for last, and enriched the sauce with about 2 TB tomato paste and a tsp. of anchovy paste. Delicious with the cavatappi pasta and some steamed broccoli.

This was super easy to make. I actually used the George Foreman grill to cook the chicken. Besides using the chicken thighs we followed the recipe as is and it came out really well. Really easy to make given that I am a novice in the kitchen. I found it actually tasted better the next day. I've saved this in my recipe box!

We've made this recipe twice. We used 12 chicken thighs - skin on, for 6 servings, split to 3 meals for two. We wanted more sauce, and less meat. The second time we made the following changes: One and a half chicken thighs per serving, and to beef up the protein content, adding 2 cans of drained white beans. We needed to separate the dish for four meals, so when the chicken was done, we removed it, then reduced the sauce somewhat, adding, at the end, the beans (to keep them from overcooking) and basil and parsley (to retain their freshness). We apportioned the chicken to four dinners worth with the sauce on top, for reheating later. We prepared the pasta fresh for each subsequent dinner, and reheated the portion of chicken and sauce gently. This created very substantial portions, and saved $, as beans are cheaper than chicken. This is a fabulous dish, and reheats well. You don't have to use skin-on chicken, but I recommend bone-in for juiciness. Enjoy!

New Orleans author uncovers the recipes of drag brunch

"Drag Queen Brunch" by Poppy Tooker celebrates boozy morning meals in New Orleans. (Courtesy Rainbow Road Press) (Photo: Sam Hanna)

What’s bigger than brunch? Drag brunch. Pairing eggs with the eye-popping antics of drag queens is all the rage across America. One of the oldest drag brunches has been going strong at New Orleans’ Country Club for a decade. In “Drag Queen Brunch” (Rainbow Road Press), New Orleans author and host of the radio show “Louisiana Eats” delves into the trend with wit, brio and brilliant photos.

Tooker has been hanging out with drag queens since the 1970s, and she regularly hosts pop-up drag brunches around New Orleans to benefit charities supporting the local LGBTQ community. Although “Drag Queen Brunch” is packed with New Orleans recipes, ranging from the baked Alaska served at the 179-year-old Antoine’s to Piggies in a Blankie from the Cajun chef Isaac Toups, Tooker insists her new work is not a cookbook. “It’s really more of a lifestyle book,” she said.

The American South: Why a book about drag brunch?

Poppy Tooker: It all started as a joke. I told that joke for three years. The more I did, the more people would say, “That's really a good idea.”

"Drag Queen Brunch" by Poppy Tooker (Photo: Rainbow Road Press)

AS: When did you first see drag?

PT: I have some dim memories of being in dark bars. I grew up doing theater, and in the ‘70s and ‘80s it was not a big thing that my theater friends sometimes did a little drag show. The performances were very different, because back then it was more of a female impersonation thing. They were Diana Ross or Liza Minnelli.

AS: What makes drag different from female impersonation?

PT: Drag artists today are creating their own art form. They're not trying to be somebody else. They're trying to be themselves.

AS: You wrote that drag was a political act during the AIDS crisis. How so?

PT: It was all very, very brave to appear in drag in the ‘80s, at a time when people didn't know if they should hide that they were gay because they'd be a pariah. It takes a lot of bravery to be someone who society doesn't think you should be.

"Drag Queen Brunch" by Poppy Tooker celebrates boozy morning meals in New Orleans. (Courtesy Rainbow Road Press) (Photo: Sam Hanna)

AS: And the drag queens in New Orleans played an important role in helping AIDS victims.

PT: They were holding these drag shows to raise money for their friends who were dying and had nothing to take care of themselves with. The drag queens have always been some of the most silent yet generous charitable people in this city.

AS: Why is drag brunch so popular across the country?

PT: Who's going to these drag brunches? It's women. The drag queens have a sisterhood. Women have their own sisterhood. Women relate to drag queens. Women want to know how they get their hair so high, their makeup so perfect. This is where we come together. All of the bullshit that generally females, and those who identify that way, are up against with the Masters of the Universe, all of that disappears at a drag brunch.

The recipes in the "Drag Queen Brunch" cookbook include Crepes Fitzgerald from Brennan's. (Courtesy Rainbow Road Press) (Photo: Sam Hanna)

AS: Do the brunches make drag too safe and accessible?

PT: No, it’s the great equalizer. It's what's helping make everything acceptable and normalized, as it should be. There’s so much ugliness in the world, and drag is really just about beauty and glamor and illusion and make-believe.

Scone Additions and Variations

What makes American scones stand out is what they are flavored and studded with. This recipe results in scones that are scented with vanilla and sprinkled with coarse sugar.

While they’re perfect in there simplicity, they’re a blank canvas for add-ins. Add up to 1 cup of any of the following, right after you’ve tossed in the grated butter and before you’ve added the wet ingredients.

  • Fresh fruit such as berries, diced stone fruit, and diced or grated apples
  • Chocolate chips or chunks, as well as butterscotch, peanut butter or cinnamon chips
  • Toasted and chopped nuts such as walnuts or pecans
  • Dried fruit such as raisins, dried cranberries, or chopped figs
  • Chopped candied ginger
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut
  • In place of vanilla extract, use almond extract or finely grated citrus zest
  • In place of the coarse sugar, try sprinkling the scones with cinnamon-sugar before baking

The Best Brunch Spots in Milwaukee

Eight spots to settle into for Mother’s Day – or any leisurely weekend.

The popularity of brunch used to elude me. Now don’t get me wrong. I like brunch in fact, I sometimes even love it, but I’ve never made it habitual. Now, however, my research for this story has made me think I should be more, well, brunchy.

Consider how relaxing it is to have a long, leisurely lunch experience when there’s no pressure to get back to an office. That’s one of brunch’s big appeals: breakfast and lunch foods, without the distinction between the two, and without the rush. Plus mimosas and bloody marys! You have hours to just eat, drink, sit. What could be better? Here are eight great ones to try any week – or specifically to fête the mom in your life on Mother’s Day, May 9.

1. Buckley’s Restaurant and Bar

$12-$21 | SUN 10 A.M.-3 P.M. | 801 N. CASS ST. | 414-277-1111

This joint is one of my all-time faves for everything brunchy. The Buckley’s approach combines the classics of breakfast with dinner-like main courses that elevate the midday meal. The lobster Benedict with tarragon aioli is a treat – so rich – and croque madame (the French toasted ham and cheese with a sunny-side-up egg on top) is knife-and-fork comfort. You will want a spoon to get every drop of the Mornay sauce and egg yolk. Also terri c is Buckley’s burger, with bacon, cheddar and spicy pepper jam, and the Nashville hot chicken sandwich, made appropriately with tender thigh meat. With Pam Buckley leading the baking program here, there’s always a head-turner on the dessert plate. Her carrot cake is the bomb.

Buckley’s croque madame photo by Sara Stathas

2. Le Rêve Patisserie & Café

$4-$17 | SAT 9 A.M.-2 P.M. | 7610 HARWOOD AVE., WAUWATOSA | 414-778-3333

The name of Tosa’s French haunt translates to The Dream, and it is rather dreamy sitting in the light-drenched dining room with a café au lait and a flaky, buttery croissant. Brunch is a Saturday a air here, and a savory French air guides the menu. The croque-monsieur and crepes filled with duck confit, chèvre and caramelized onions are rich and delectable. But I’m always torn over what to order because of so many good choices – the salade niçoise and eggs Benedict with smoked salmon also catching my eye. Normally closed Sundays, Le Rêve is open May 9, serving a special Mother’s Day three-course brunch with choice of aperitif, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Keep your eyes peeled on for menu details.

3. Story Hill BKC

$7-$15 | SAT-SUN 9 A.M.-2 P.M. | 5100 W. BLUEMOUND RD. | 414-539-4424

The breakfast dish shakshouka is a vegetarian baked egg-tomato dish that debatably originated in Tunisia. Co-owner/ exec chef Joe Muench took that foundation and added smoked lentils, goat cheese and sumac mayo with Indian naan to eat on the side. It’s a perfect illustration of this place’s spark of delectable creativity. Shakshouka is hard for me to resist here because it’s not a brunch dish you see everywhere, but I also enjoy the frittata with bacon, house-dried tomatoes and cheddar, and the decadent French toast bread pudding with granola streusel and rum maple syrup. The nap you’ll need afterward is worth it.

Story Hill BKC’s shakshouka photo by Chris Kessler

4. Allie Boy’s Bagelry & Luncheonette

$2.50-$14 | SAT-SUN 8 A.M.-2 P.M. | 135 E. NATIONAL AVE. | 414-988-0388

One of my breakfast highlights of late was a bagel sandwich topped with griddled halloumi cheese, braised greens, spiced tomato confit and harissa mayo, consumed in the morning sunlight on my back porch. That unusual and absolutely delicious combo represents the modern side of Allie Boy’s – the “posh noshes” that are part of the repertoire here. That playful, modern approach is also apparent in creations such as the Big Latke Waffle, a potato pancake waffle topped with applesauce and sour cream or smoked maple butter. But you can also get classic offerings like Bubbe’s matzo ball soup and lox and cream cheese/ house-cured lox on a bagel. Weekend specials are also hot, from personal-size quiches to cheese blintzes. Allie Boy’s has been to-go only, but the patio may be open as you read this, a great opportunity to hang and nosh.

5. Café at the Plaza

$5-$15 | SAT-SUN 7 A.M.-2 P.M. | 1007 N. CASS ST. | 414-276-2101

I’ve had some of my very favorite brunch experiences over the years right here – lemony poppyseed pancakes smothered in blueberry-ginger syrup huge build-your-own omelets rich eggs Benes, sopping up the hollandaise with crispy hash browns. And oh, how I love the intimate courtyard patio, which at press time was expected to be the only area of the cafe open for on-site dining – as weather allows. Some lighter fare has joined the menu this spring, including avocado toast, Greek egg white scramble and a coconut muesli. Café at the Plaza is also doing a Mother’s Day weekend special of crab cake benedict with Old Bay hollandaise and asparagus. Feeding a group? To-go brunch kits featuring quiche, eggs benedict, scones, salads and so on are available for pre-order on the website,

Csfé at the Plazas Southern fried chicken sandwich and omelet with hash browns photo by Chris Kessler

6. Goodkind

PICKUP ON SAT 4-8 P.M. $50 | 2457 S. WENTWORTH AVE., 414-763-4706

Continuing to operate differently this year because of COVID, Goodkind is offering inspired, thematic brunch kits for eating at home. The kits, which feed two, change each week – a recent one featured salt-and-pepper chicken wings, wild rice waffles with sausage gravy, maple braised collards and six-minute eggs. Each bundle comes with a cocktail kit that also rotates. The food is packaged in oven-safe pans and includes simple prep instructions.

7. Public Table

$10-$13 | SAT 11 A.M.-2 P.M. SUN 10:30 A.M.-3 P.M. | 5835 W. NATIONAL AVE., WEST ALLIS | 414-488-2948

A month or so before the pandemic hit, I discovered this bright, friendly venue, the bar acting as the focal point of the room and the fare not de ned by the fact that it’s a watering hole. Owner/chef John Clark uses the West Allis Farmers Market to help guide the menu specials coming out of what he calls an “unorthodox kitchen.” That includes brunch. The core menu is across-the-board good, but of particular note are the chilaquiles (poached eggs, queso fresco, crème fraîche and salsa make it so creamy), the MATO toast (a take on avocado toast, adding portobellos, tomato and drizzles of olive oil) and Not Your Mama’s French Toast, which offers a trio of delicious toppings – berry compote and whipped cream, Nutella and banana syrup, and apple butter and apple compote. Public Table also shares a spacious, socially distanced beer garden/patio with neighbor Kegel’s Inn.

8. Pastiche Bistro

$8-$19 | SUN 10 A.M.-1 P.M. | 4313 W. RIVER LN., BROWN DEER | 414-354-1995

The decorative inspiration here is French farmhouse, with warm yellow walls and patterned curtains – a touch of easygoing elegance. The menu, too, conjures up a French aura, even with a bit of American comfort folded in. One of my best picks to enjoy on a relaxed Sunday is the Monte Cristo – ham and chicken breast along with gruyère and cheddar on a roll dipped in egg batter and fried. I also recommend the shrimp and grits with “big shrimp” as the menu promises, the deep-dish quiche served with a mesclun salad, and chicken crepes with a white wine butter sauce and rice pilaf. Special dishes for Mom include chicken a la king and shrimp-scallop crepes served with a wine-butter sauce. Eat slowly and savor the time.

Healthy Dessert Recipes for 2021

We’re all ready to begin a new year, which often comes with resolutions and new health goals. Striking the balance between being nutrition conscious and satiated can feel a bit tricky after all those amazing holiday meals. Luckily, satisfying your sweet tooth doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure with these healthy and delicious recipes!

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

Not only is this recipe great for dessert, breakfast or a snack, it’s also vegetarian and gluten free. Bonus: these muffins taste like chocolate cake!

Sweet & Spicy Popcorn

Popcorn may not be the first food that comes to mind when you think about dessert, but don’t rule it out until you’ve tried this tasty recipe. Package the popcorn in a decorated mason jar for a little extra pizzazz!

Zucchini Bread Breakfast Cookies

Don’t let the name fool you these cookies are delectable any time of day! Even better, they only take about 30 minutes total for prep and bake time.

Glazed Yogurt Carrot Cookies

If you like coconut, these flavorful, beautiful cookies are sure to become a dessert staple! You can experiment with the texture by using raw or cooked carrots.

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is an easy go-to for a healthy dessert. Check out these 18 recipes to help make yours unique. You can also vary your fruit salad based on which ingredients are in season.

Greek Yogurt Brownies

No dessert list is complete without brownies! This recipe is high protein and grain free without compromising on taste.

Do you have a favorite healthy dessert? Message us your favorite recipe pins. They might show up on our Pinterest boards!

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Check out easy brunch hacks, hot trends and important do's and don'ts.

Make the most-important meal of the day the most memorable with our recipes and how-tos.


Farmer's Market Brunch

Chef Bobby Flay takes his favorite green market finds to make a fresh, healthy and delicious weekend brunch. His menu features a savory Tomato Strata, crispy Zucchini Pancakes With Apricot Butter, Seared Salmon with a crunchy Brussels Sprouts-Apple Salad and a fruity and refreshing Ginger Peach Iced Tea. From the farm to your plate in one tasty brunch!

South of the Border

We head south of the border for Bobby's Mexican themed brunch with his version of Huevos Rancheros with Chorizo and a spicy Tomato-Red Chile Sauce. He serves his Ranch Style Eggs over Fresh Corn Tortillas with Spicy Home Fries on the side. And to wash it all down he makes a Bloody Mary-Margarita inspired cocktail he aptly calls, a Sangrita!

Chocolate Lovers Delight

Bobby Flay puts together a decadent brunch based entirely around chocolate! Poached Eggs in a mouthwatering Mole along with Creamy Green Rice might become your new brunch staple. Bobby follows that up with Chocolate Crepes filled with a Chocolate Whipped Ricotta-Almond Filling and Warm Cherries. And if you still haven't had your fix, he blends up a Frothy Hot White Chocolate to round out the meal.


Bobby Flay creates a brunch menu that honors classic Southern dishes and flavors. He's making Deconstructed Roasted Tomato Grits and Shrimp with Sauteed Baby Mustard Greens and Bacon "Confit" as well as some Streusel Topped Baked Peaches with a sweet Sorghum drizzle on top. And you won't believe his larger-than-life punch bowl of Hibiscus Tea Sangria!

Mexican Brunch

Chef Bobby Flay has one of his favorite destinations in mind while preparing this colorful and appetizing Mexican brunch. He's whipping up a tall stack of Mexican Corn Pancakes, crispy Breakfast Potatoes With Red Chile-Lime Hollandaise, a refreshing Fruit and Vegetable Salad With Chile and Lime and of course, a Watermelon Margarita Mimosa to drink. There's nothing like waking up to Mexico . on a plate!

Flavors of New England

Bobby Flay's brunch takes a culinary trip to New England and features some of the region's best local ingredients. On the menu today is a refreshing SmoothTEA, delicious Pumpkin-Cranberry Scones and Johnnycakes each served with Whipped Maple Butter. Plus, Bobby re-invents a classic Eggs Benedict with his New England-style version: Crab Cake Benedict With Old Bay Hollandaise.

Tasty Trattoria Brunch

Bobby Flay creates a brunch menu in the style of Italian trattorias: casual with plenty of family-style dishes! First up, some decadent Cinnamon Mascarpone Pancakes With Warm Morello Cherries and Hazelnuts. He's also making a Frittata With Cherry Tomatoes, Sausage, Arugula and Ricotta and serving it with a side of Rosemary Home Fries With Pancetta, Parmesan and Parsley. And to toast a wonderful meal, he'll pour a citrus and mint cocktail he calls a Citronata.

French-American Brunch

Chef Bobby Flay adds a hint of American influence to French Bistro style dishes for this enticing brunch. His French-American mash up menu features Almond Croissant French Toast, Tarte Flambe With Herbed Creme Fraiche, Double Smoked Bacon and Goat Cheese, Yogurt Creme Brulee With Fresh Fruit and Granola and a Grapefruit Vesper to drink.

Bay City Brunch

Bobby Flay takes a hint from the city by the bay in this San Francisco-inspired brunch that includes Apricot-Yogurt Parfait With California Granola and an Orange Scented Bombolini With Pastry Cream and Chocolate Dipping Sauce. Plus, Bobby reveals what goes into the unbelievable omelet known as the Hang Town Fry. You won't want to miss this San Francisco treat of a brunch!

Brunch Bites Across Europe

Bobby Flay's making it easy to entertain for brunch with a menu of European-inspired small bites that are sure to please any crowd! His tasty brunch includes Calabrian Scrambled Eggs with Jalapeno Pesto Bruschetta, Buckwheat Crepes With Ham, Gruyere and Caramelized Onions and Mini Pumpkin Churros with a silky smooth Chocolate-Espresso Dipping Sauce.

Chocolate Brunch

Chef Bobby Flay satisfies your chocolate fix with a cocoa-filled brunch menu of sweet and savory dishes. He's serving Double Chocolate Pancakes With Salted Caramel Syrup, Mole Rubbed Steak and Eggs With Chocolate Stout Beurre Blanc and Chocolate-Orange Yogurt Panna Cotta.

Impress Your Guests

Chef Bobby Flay demonstrates how to prepare a jaw-dropping brunch without breaking a sweat. His quick and impressive recipes include Biscuit Sticky Buns, Asparagus and Cheese Popovers, Apricot and Raspberry Granola Gratin and Riesling Sangria With Mango and Nectarine. A brunch that's equal parts easy and amazing!

Vermont Bed & Breakfast Style

Bobby Flay loves to recreate his favorite vacation meals and this menu is no exception. For his Vermont Bed and Breakfast menu he's making Black Pepper Popovers Filled With Vermont Cheddar and Herb Scrambled Eggs and Maple-Mustard Glazed Canadian Bacon. And as if that's not enough to get you out of bed, he's also making Baked Apples with Oatmeal and Yogurt and mixing up an Old Vermont Cocktail.

A Basket of Brunch Goodies

Bobby Flay's making a spread of continental favorites for this brunch menu. He's baking up all-American favorites like Shoo-Fly Muffins, Banana Bread With Vanilla Bean-Pecan Butter and Fruit Filled Mini Toaster Pastries! And for an added bit of fun, he's creating a one-of-a-kind Bellini Bar that is sure to impress any brunch guest.

Marrakesh Express Brunch

Chef Bobby Flay showcases the amazing spices and flavors of Morocco with this mouthwatering brunch. His menu includes Oatmeal With Honey Roasted Apricots and Pistachios, Moroccan Eggs With Flatbread and Goat Cheese, a refreshing Moroccan Coffee Granita Parfait and beautiful Apricot Mimosa.

Southwest Brunch

Chef Bobby Flay channels his love of Southwestern cuisine into this brunch that packs a flavorful punch! His colorful menu features Blue Corn Pancakes With Passion Fruit Butter, Chorizo-Potato Cakes With Black Bean and Salsa Verde and Guava-Papaya Mimosas. Feast your eyes on a brunch from the four corners!

Best of the Pacific Northwest

Bobby Flay shows a little love for an often overlooked culinary destination -- the Pacific Northwest! On today's brunch menu: Smoked Salmon and Scallion Scramble With Whole Grain Toast and Homemade Goat Cheese Butter, Wild Mushroom-Yukon Gold Hash, irresistible Blackberry-Hazelnut Sticky Buns and a Coconut Chai Tea Latte.

Bold Southwestern Brunch

Bobby Flay takes a journey to his culinary roots with a bold Southwestern brunch! His menu includes savory dishes like Texas Eggs Benedict and Cast Iron Home Fries With Chiles, Cilantro and a Creamy Garlic Dressing. And for a sticky sweet treat, he's baking a batch of Pecan Pie Monkey Bread.

New Orleans Brunch

Chef Bobby Flay takes a culinary walk through New Orleans' French Quarter for this brunch that's perfect any time of day. He's starting off with The Vieux Carre, a legendary local cocktail, and then prepares Bananas Foster Beignets and Beef Grillades With Cheesy Corn and Grits. Join Bobby to take a trip down Bourbon Street for brunch!

Beach-y Keen Brunch

Bobby Flay takes a "stay-cation" to the tropics with this Island-inspired brunch. He uses the brightest and boldest flavors in his Jerk Pork Belly and Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs, Coconut Waffles with Chocolate Maple Syrup and Bananas and a Tropical Fruit Salad with Ginger Syrup. And to make it really feel like a tropical vacation, he'll shake up some Grapefruit Mojitos.

Springtime Brunch

To celebrate the festivities and holidays of the season, Chef Bobby Flay prepares a delicious brunch spread that's perfect for any family gathering at springtime. He's inspired by Hot Cross Buns to make Spiced Raisin Pancakes With Rum-Raisin Cream Cheese Glaze and re-imagines a holiday staple with his Ham and Cheddar Pie served with Mixed Greens tossed in Apricot Vinaigrette. He also celebrates the colors of spring with an Everything Hash Brown Cake With Pickled Red Onions and Green Onion Creme Fraiche. And to drink, he's mixing up colorful Carrot and Orange Mimosas.

Cuisine du Jour

Bobby whisks us away to the South of France with today's delicious brunch menu. All good French food is accompanied by a Baguette and Bobby toasts his with Goat Cheese topped with Poached Eggs and a Black Pepper Vinaigrette. For a little something sweet he whips up a Pain Perdu with Fresh Peaches and Vanilla Butter and to finish, a White Wine and Lillet Cocktail.

Flavors of New England

Bobby Flay's brunch takes a culinary trip to New England and features some of the region's best local ingredients. On the menu today is a refreshing SmoothTEA, delicious Pumpkin-Cranberry Scones and Johnnycakes each served with Whipped Maple Butter. Plus, Bobby re-invents a classic Eggs Benedict with his New England-style version: Crab Cake Benedict With Old Bay Hollandaise.

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