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Beef salad

Beef salad

1. At least two hours before, take absolutely all the ingredients for mayonnaise out of the fridge to reach room temperature. If one is cold, cut the mayonnaise.

2. 3 hours before, drain the pickles in a pasta sieve. It would be elegant to have all the vegetables cut by hand, but I don't have time, it doesn't hurt the taste and I cut the pickled cucumber in the robot, I cut big cubes in my hand and then the impulse for only 5 seconds, if the robot is strong. Cut the donut by the hand because it is softer. Drain them and before combining them with the rest, lightly press them with your hand through a sieve, otherwise the juice will gather in the tray.

3. Thoroughly wash the meat and vegetables.

4. In a large pot, boil the meat in cold water + 1 teaspoon of salt.

5. Peel the carrots and add them quickly, boil just as much.

6. After 10 minutes, peel the potatoes and add them whole to the boil. I also put a small onion that I throw away at the end.

7. After about 20 minutes add the celery that boils very quickly, possibly remove it before the rest boils, try to easily penetrate the gunpowder in it.

8. Boil the peas separately if frozen. If it tastes like canned food, it usually does not require boiling.

9. While the vegetables are boiling, prepare the mayonnaise, as I said, the must must all have the same room temperature, otherwise it will be cut. Except for the oil, you put everything in the robot, turn it on at low speed and then immediately high and add oil in a thin thread (I have a lid with a hole that measures the oil).

10. It is of course possible with the mixer but it is much more inconvenient. In the days when there were no robots, they rubbed patiently with a wooden spoon.

11. Take out everything in the soup in a large bowl and let it cool just enough to allow you to cut your hand into cubes as small as possible. I noticed that it is much better when the warm vegetables are combined. When I postponed cutting the ingredients for the next day, the salad was not as good.

12. Everything you cut you put in a large bowl in which to have room to maneuver to mix with mayonnaise (you stop a part for decoration. I don't dress it in mayonnaise every day, in my childhood I was sick of who dresses and removes it.

In order not to oxidize, in the version without mayonnaise on top, I wrap it tightly with foil. Often, if there is a lot, I keep it in jars with lids or deep bowls so as to reduce the contact surface with the oxidizing air and decorate only a part of what we consume on the spot.

13. Mix the vegetables and mayonnaise, add salt, add the lemon juice if it is not sour enough and add more mustard.


The "mirror" of mayonnaise, you cut the hearts (with a cutter) from the pickled donut that must be hard. The side bodura is a mixture of 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise in which I added mashed donuts.

May it be useful to you!