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Wedding Cake of the Day — Castle Cakes

Wedding Cake of the Day — Castle Cakes

Feel like a princess at your wedding with this fairy tale cake!

Although princess-themed weddings have been a pursued for a while now (who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess on their wedding day?), the trend has become rampant since Spring 2010 with the release of the line of diamond engagement rings by Disney, each made to represent a different Disney princess. Disney’s recent opening of their Wedding Design Studio in California, complete with tools and resources for planning the perfect princess wedding, has made a fairy tale wedding easier and more accessible for these princess-loving brides.

This trend is especially fun because it’s so customizable. Would you like a sand castle? How about a medieval-style castle that you may find in the mountains of Europe? As you may guess, these cakes are incredibly complex and difficult to create, but cake makers such as Elegant Cheese Cakes in San Francisco and, of course, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings in Southern California, Florida, and Hawaii, make the process much more enjoyable. For more amazing wedding cake inspiration, check out our slideshow!

40 Times People Questioned If These Wedding Cakes Were The Right Choice For The Big Day

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To many guests, the most important part of the wedding is the cake. The location, the decor, the bride's dress, all of these things are vital, but they are to be admired. The cake, however, is to be enjoyed.

Unless the newlyweds served one that's made out of ground meat. Or the baker got sick and asked his cat to finish the job.

Bored Panda decided to compile a list of terrible wedding cake fails and turns out the Internet is abundant with them. Whether someone really messed up in the process of bringing it to the table or something really unfortunate &mdash for example, a sandstorm &mdash we included them all. Bon appétit.

All the Details on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Cake

Claire Ptak created a lemon elderflower masterpiece for the royal wedding.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding cake has finally been unveiled&mdashand it's one gorgeous dessert! London-based baker Claire Ptak and her team created a lemon elderflower cake for Harry and Meghan's wedding's reception.

Kensington Palace first shared the wedding cake plans back in March, revealing that Ptak, who was raised in California and now owns Violet Cakes in London, was selected to bake it. Many were surprised that the couple chose a lemon elderflower cake for their Windsor Castle reception, since most royal wedding cakes are traditionally fruit cake. But Harry and Meghan broke from tradition to choose a spring-inspired cake covered in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.

See the cake from every angle here:

A day before the wedding, the Palace shared photos and a video of Ptak's team working on the cake in the Buckingham Palace kitchen. Even though they are baking and icing the cake at the Palace, Ptak revealed her team will assemble the cake at Windsor Castle on Saturday morning.

See the full video, including details on the cake recipe, below:

This isn't the first royal wedding cake preview fans have received so far. A few days ago, Ptak posted a photo of lemon crates on her Instagram along with the caption "And so it begins 🍋"

According to the Kensington Palace Twitter account, Ptak "focuses on using seasonal and organic ingredients in her cakes." It was also revealed that Markle had previously interviewed Chef Ptak on The Tig.

"Pastry Chef Claire Ptak has hit the nail on the head with her London bakery serving up delightful treats that have garnered a cult following (in that ever so civilized British way) in the UK and beyond," Markle wrote on her now-shuttered lifestyle site back in 2015.

Prince Harry and Ms. Markle have asked Claire to create a lemon elderflower cake that will incorporate the bright flavours of spring. It will be covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.

&mdash The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) March 20, 2018

Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are looking forward to sharing the cake with guests at their wedding at Windsor Castle on May 19th.

&mdash The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) March 20, 2018

Earlier this year, Ptak shared the happy news on her Instagram as well.

"Kinda excited to announce this one!!" she teased in the caption. "Violet has been chosen to make the wedding cake for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. @kensingtonroyal They both share so many of the same values regarding food provenance, sustainability, seasonality and of course, flavour! Xxx"

Unlike American wedding cakes, the top tier of British wedding cakes is traditionally what we think of as a Christmas-style fruit cake, so it will last long enough to be served at the couple's first child's christening, making the lemon elderflower cake something of a departure from the norm. At their reception in 2011, Will and Kate served a groom's cake made of chocolate biscuits in addition to a traditional eight-tiered wedding cake.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's 500-pound masterpiece

Princess Anne's cake was cool and all, but her mom's cake, well, took the cake. The royal family's official website explained that although Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip received 11 wedding cakes in total, only one was considered "official."

First, imagine having 11 wedding cakes on your big day. Now, imagine just one of those cakes being so big it weighed 500 pounds! The "official" cake of the 1947 wedding was made by McVitie and Price, and ingredients were used from all across the globe, earning the dessert a nickname: "The 10,000 Mile Cake."

The then-princess' four-tiered cake was approximately nine feet tall. Incredibly elaborate, the cake featured icing versions of the monograms for both Elizabeth II and Philip, military badges, and even some of the couple's favorite hobbies.

If that wasn't extra enough, when it came time to cut the cake, Philip's sword — a present from his father-in-law, the King — was used as opposed to a knife. Talk about dramatic!

A bride's brother turned Costco cakes into a whimsical wedding masterpiece

A couple just saved a lot money and added plenty of rustic glamour to their recent wedding by utilizing a clever, semi-homemade DIY approach to fill the reception hall.

The couple's venue — a barn in Austin — was decked out with wildflowers that were gathered by their families.

But the real star of the day — besides the newlyweds, Jeremy and Gosia Hoyle — was the multitiered cake served at the reception.

The beautiful cake was covered in a delicious buttercream frosting and decked out in pink roses woth baby's breath accents. It even featured a sweet topper and elegant piped details. Many wedding cakes can be outrageously expensive, but this gorgeous dessert was only $50 — and it wasn't even made from scratch!

It all started with two large, plain white sheet cakes from Costco, according to Jessica Hoyle-King, the sister of the groom, who shared the eye-catching photo on Instagram. Each cake, which was filled with a cream cheese frosting, cost $20. Things really got fancy when the bride's brother, a pastry chef named Jamie Warley, got his hands on those cakes.

Hoyle-King helped Warley by first cutting up the sheet cakes into squares and stacking them into the shape of a typical wedding cake. They added more frosting in between layers to even things out. Then, using his professional cake-decorating skills and some homemade frosting, the chef added some extra flair to the confection (and covered up any imperfections) with an elegant piping of frosting around the base of each layer.

Of course, it didn't come together in just minutes.

"[It took] maybe a little over an hour," said Hoyle-King of Warley's handiwork. That's actually not so bad considering many wedding cakes take up to two weeks to make, with some even requiring months of careful planning. She added, "It wouldn't fit in the refrigerator on the wooden stand, so it had to be re-done on cardboard so it would fit, which took more time. We had to make do with what we had."


Food I dough! Bride uses doughnuts instead of flowers for wedding bouquets

As for those gorgeous flowers? Hoyle-King bought them (for $10) on the way to the barn while the family was decorating for the reception the day before the wedding. Once the cake was frosted, she and Warley added the finishing touches.

The cake wound up feeding 150 people and apparently tasted just as good as it looked.

Of course, any true DIY wedding wouldn't be complete without some sort of homemade fare. The main meal at the reception also featured a barbecue spread that was prepared by the owners of the venue. And while that food wasn't free, according to the groom's sister, it was an "amazing deal."

The rest of the reception decor was assembled by the couple, with help from their family and other members of the wedding party. Hoyle-King revealed that she built the cake stand out of materials from Hobby Lobby.

Of course, this duo isn't the only couple going the do-it-yourself route. The cost of weddings has been increasing in recent years, with the national average spiking to $33,931 in 2018, according to NerdWallet. A cake itself averages around $500.

A 2016 study even revealed that most couples actually overspend on their weddings, even after they've set a budget.

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From April Mgoff41187700 of

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The Cake Had Plenty of Symbolism

From the outside, the royal wedding cake looked similar to any grand wedding cake, with stacked tiers covered in white fondant and elaborate gum paste flowers. Kate asked that Cairns use flowers symbolizing the four nations of the United Kingdom—roses for England, thistle for Scotland, daffodils for Wales, and shamrocks for Ireland. There were also other symbolic decorations, like an oak and acorn for endurance. And, in honor of her husband-to-be, the cake incorporated the flower Sweet William, which symbolizes gallantry, smile, and finesse.

6 Retro Wedding Cakes That Cut It!

This Throwback Thursday, we're celebrating the most delicious part of weddings, the cake! For better or for worse, cake (no matter what shape, form, or flavor it comes in) will always be our first love. See how wedding cake design has changed over the decades:

The 90s: Stairway to Cake Heaven

In the 90s (my favorite decade!) wedding cakes became complex architectural masterpieces. Multiple tiers, design elements, and layers, this cake is reminiscent of Barbie's Dream House (I'd live in it!). It just wouldn't be a 90s wedding cake without a fully functioning fountain.

The 80s: Princess Diana's Wedding Cake

Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding is arguably the most famous wedding of the 80s, and their wedding cake is no exception. One of 27(!!) cakes served at the royal reception, this was considered the "official" cake of the famous wedding. The five-ft cake featured the royal family's coat of arms and was topped with spray roses.

The 70s: Face Full of Cake

This 70s cake is very conservative in comparison to the pranks and outfits of the bride, groom, and the wedding party.

The 60s: Simple and Chic

Unlike the large, abundant layers of today's cakes, the 60s were a simpler time. The round cake featured a classic garland design.

The 50s: Extreme Icing

Now that's a cake! While cakes today have taken design to new and evermore lifelike extremes (just check out these grooms cakes for proof of that), this oversized wedding cake from the 50s features a high-level of artistic detail made with icing instead of fondant.

The 1940s: A Cake Castle

It's rare that you'll see bridesmaids included in the cake topper, and I admire this 1940s wedding couple for including their wedding couple so literally on their cake.

Show us your favorite vintage wedding cake by tweeting @theknot with #tbt (Throwback Thursday!).

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