Put flour in a bowl, on top of the yeast, salt and sugar, margarine. Heat the milk and put it over the flour mixture. Add the yolks and squeezed lemon juice. Mix and knead a very elastic dough. When it comes off the hands, we knead for another 1 minute, during which time we add the oil. Let it grow

After it has risen, divide the dough into balls. We stretch the ball in 2 strips and start knitting, we first make a roll and then turn it into an eight.

Grease with egg and put in the oven over medium heat.

Meanwhile we make a syrup from honey and warm water. When the martyrs are browned, we give them honey honey and ground walnuts. They are very delicious.

I'm looking forward to it

Video: Depeche Mode - Martyr Official Video (January 2022).