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Fried batter

Fried batter

Fried batter recipe of 14-07-2016

Fried batter is a very easy basic recipe to make. Obviously there are many different recipes for batter, from beer to water to the one used for tempura, but since this is the recipe that my mom has always used, it is the one I generally use for mine fried especially when it comes to vegetables. In fact, the other evening I prepared the zucchini flowers in batter, and after a few tricks on frying, I got a fried light and crunchy, just as I like it, to follow in fact I will give you the recipe to make them, wait for me;)


How to make fried batter

Beat egg and salt in a bowl, then add the milk.

Also add the flour and mix well with the whisk, being careful not to create lumps.
Let it rest for 20-30 minutes in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap.

Your fried batter is ready: you can use it for meat, fish or vegetables.

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