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Chicken with cashews

Chicken with cashews

Chicken with cashew nuts recipe of 25-06-2009 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Chicken with cashew nuts is a Thai recipe that I was lucky enough to taste during my honeymoon in Thailand. Although the recipe for chicken with cashews is very simple to make, it needs the balance of each ingredient to make it a truly remarkable dish. Follow the recipe to the letter, accompany this chicken with basmati rice and you will lick your fingers: P


How to make cashew chicken

Prepare a sauce by mixing the broth with the soy sauce, fish sauce and cornstarch.

In a wok, pour the peanut oil and toast the cashews for a minute.
Lift the cashews and set them aside.

In the same wok, sauté the spring onions cut into slices together with the grated ginger.

Add the chicken cut into bite-sized pieces and sauté it together with the spring onions and ginger for a few minutes.

Now add the sauce and finally the roasted cashews, and cook the chicken, mixing gently with a wooden spoon until the sauce has shrunk and your cashew chicken is ready.

Serve the chicken with cashew nuts decorating the plates with fresh spring onion and coriander.

This is the chicken dish with cashews that I ate in Thailand where they had also added green peppers to the dish ... super good !!!!

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