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Pancakes without eggs

Pancakes without eggs

Eggless Pancake Recipe of 30-04-2015 [Updated on 04-02-2019]

These egg-free pancakes are my best vegan dessert, can you believe me when I tell you that these pancakes have nothing to envy to those made with the classic dough? I'm serious, once I understand that to make desserts without eggs you don't have to replace them with anything and just increase the liquid part a little, I'm managing to have excellent results on this type of recipes and I'm really satisfied with me. Today's pancakes have neither eggs, nor butter, nor milk therefore also light enough, so as to be able to give us a tasty breakfast without too many feelings of guilt, in short, do not say that my health vein does not pulsate this morning;) I leave you then to the recipe and I wish you a sweet day!


How to make pancakes without eggs

Put the flour, yeast and sugar in a bowl.

Add the soy milk slowly, stirring to avoid the formation of lumps. Finally add the oil and mix.

Let the batter rest for 30 minutes

Heat a crepe pan, grease it by rubbing a sheet of absorbent paper soaked in peanut oil.
Pour a ladle of batter into the center.

When bubbles appear and the edges begin to dry, you can turn the pancake over.

Continue cooking on the other side as well.

Prepare all pancakes this way by placing them on a plate on top of each other.

Serve the pancakes with fresh fruit and maple syrup;)

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